Post from 19th of November

Since my last file corrupted i had to being bring all my characters and backgrounds into director again.

I decided that i would have an opening page first with some sort of celtic frame around it and a button u press to begin. this button will have start on it.

I googled some celtic frames and this is the one i decided to use. i brought it into photoshop drew over it and added an extra side onto it to make it my own. 

I am going to use this frame i have created for my opening page and my closing page. On my closing page i will have to options. Restart or to Finish, Restart will bring u straight into my main page it will not bring u to the page where u need to select start again. The finish page will bring u back to the first page. 


I decided for my buttons i would put a celtic frame around them also. I put this frame into photoshop and made the outside layer black, i tried to create this frame as my own. 


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